Monday 1 September 2014

I guess there must be a way in which it makes sense but...

Read in the British press on Friday:
Apparently, following the defection of a Conservative Member of Parliement to the UK Independence Party (who calls for the UK leaving the EU altogether as soon as possible), Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron (aka Dave from PR) has reacted swiftly.

His message was: "all of you who are in favour of secession from the EU, do not secede to the UKIP, because by doing so you would be strengthening Labour (there are some rather uncertain assumptions floating there but bear with him), and thus lowering your chances of a referendum on secession". What he then omits to add is that, should he indeed stay in Government to hold this referendum, it would be Government policy to call for the UK to stay in the EU.

In other words: "if you disagree with my policies, stay in my party, as otherwise I may lose an election, which would diminish your chances of events going against my policies". One more time "the more you are against my policies, the more you should make sure I stay in power".

OK. I suppose consistency is not needed in politics. Still, that makes for a weird platform.

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