Sunday 25 August 2013

At Ronnie Scott's

It was our tenth anniversary last week (not wedding anniversary, there still is some time before that, but relationship anniversary), and so we went to Ronnie Scott's jazz club for the first time.

It having been the first time makes it difficult to form a general opinion, I do realise that they will not have Ron Carter with the Golden Striker Trio on stage every night, but I would struggle to come up with the appropriate adjectives.
Actually, there will be some things that will be there every night: the place itself, which was very nice. The cocktails were good, at least for this gentleman who rarely drinks cocktail (but when it's your anniversary and one is called "Ma Chérie", and you are French to boot, it would seem impolite to have anything else). And then, since we had decided to have dinner, the food was very pleasant. By the way, if that's a requirement of yours, there was a vegetarian option, in fact it's what I had, and will probably have every time as it was brilliant.

As for the music, I had already liked the supporting act (there was a late night show afterwards, but we had to go home), and then Ron Carter arrived, which sent you out of this world. There had been a double bass in the supporting act, but the sound was immediately very different. Part of it of course came from the amplification choices, but it was still remarkable to hear how different it sounded (the piano too -although it was the same piano of course). Initially I was a little surprised by the sound engineering, but quickly it was clear that it was just what was needed for this band, which blended wonderfully well. And while all three musicians had their shares of solos, they really played as a band, with incredibly good balance and understanding.

If that was a typical night, then I would say that if you like jazz, go to Ronnie Scott's, you'll greatly enjoy it. And if you don't like Jazz, go to Ronnie Scott's, and then you will.

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