Monday 4 March 2013

What school will my sons know?

I am a great believer in caring for things that matter, whether or not they directly affect you.
But I would not be human if being the father of two young boys, one of them due to go to school in England as of next September, did not make it feel worse.

This is from George Monbiot - I'll just reproduce the first few lines, but you should read it on his site.

A Capitalist Command Economy

Forcing schools into the hands of unelected oligarchs is the latest contradiction of everything the market fetishists claim to stand for.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 5th March 2013

So much for all those treasured Tory principles. Choice, freedom, competition, austerity: as soon as they conflict with the demands of the corporate elite, they drift into the blue yonder like thistledown.

This is a story about England’s schools, but it could just as well describe the razing of state provision throughout the world. In the name of freedom, public assets are being forcibly removed from popular control and handed to unelected oligarchs.

Scary. And, as usual with Monbiot, very well documented.

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